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modern design

We keep it simple yet sophisticated. Ensure that its scales properly on mobile phone devices. Use neat and tidy approach to ensure that its easy to the eye and communicates clearly.

easy to use

You know what sucky about regular websites? Complex to use and fail in communicating. Just as I did there ikr. What fun is about our websites? We'll answer that:We use simplicity as a weapon.


Most of us in business downplay the importance of a website. I am sure the moment we speak to you about our specialty, the first thing you do is look us up right? That could be you!

about our workw

Why? Is always the 1st question that any potential customer asks verbally or in silence. Right? We will not bore you with marketing writeups to convience you. The moment you find yourself reading this means you are missing somethng and have a gut feeling we will solve it for you. Just email us or call +254 725714324

  • Domain name from KES 2,000/=
  • Emails, hosting and a Website From KES 20,000/=
  • Mobile apps From KES 35,000/=
  • Software development From KES 10,000/=


More customers

More than 4.0 billion people use the internet and some 90% of those have shopped or contacted a company. By having a website, you position your business to eat the pie.

24 hours business

Time is no longer a barrier. Your website runs 24 hours and 7 days without any cctv cameras or need to lock it up. You are always there for your customers.

Easy to communicate

With one line, image, audio or video you reach a wide audience. Imagine the number of promotions you have perticipated after seeing it online. Thats how powerful your presence will be.


We walk the road with you. Its not only about getting you that domain or providing service and see yah! We maintain close relationship with you to ensure success.

Customer Support

You can greatly reduce the cost of customer support by have a ticketing system, or even just an FAQ on your website. At some point you have been aided at online. Right?

Beat the big guys

An easy way to compete with all the big names out there? By creating an incredibly beautiful website with a solid strategy behind it you can smash the big guys to pieces.

our productsw

Domain name Registration We help you get that have been looking for.
Website Hosting(1GB to unlimited space) We provide you with adequate space to host your website, application or emails on demand.
Personalized emails( We help setup personalized emails to easy your communication and build your credibility.
Website Development Lets give you an identity online, give you a brand and shape your business according to modern trends and vintage ideas.

Mobile apps With the explosive market that is on mobile devices, its high time you get your business a mobile application (Android/ IOS).
Software application We listen to your needs and buld a solution that satisfies your need and ensure business growth and continuity.
PesaSense Manage your mobile money agency or mpesa shops easily. Keep track of your staff, money and float realtime. See demo >>>
ResultSense This is geared towards easy preparation of school reports and student performance monitoring. Manage your staff better. See demo >>>

let's work togetherw

Talk to us today to actualize simple solutions to your technical challenges and needs.
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